HOTAM joined the project FindMe

January 5, 2024

The media, hotels, restaurants, banks, taxi-carriers, city traffic, from today they can all be involved in action to find missing persons, after the “Find me” system has worked as part of the “Pilot project for the Early Warning System for missing children’.

At today’s final conference, the website of the Early Warning System for Missing Children – – was launched.

– The “Find Me” tool, which is part of the early warning system for missing children, will function on the basis of a report that will be filled out on the website, and after that received information and a report from the family of a missing child, we check the information through the contact person we have in the Ministry of the Interior. If the person is reported missing there as well, we publish that report on our website and share it through all information channels widely to the public, i.e. on social networks, on the information channels that we have in the partnership cooperation that we have established for the time being” , said Alexandra Radevska, project coordinator from Journalists for Human Rights.