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Struga is a city in the southwestern part of the Republic of North Macedonia. It lies on the plain of the Struga Field on both banks of the River Crn Drim and on the northern coast of Ohrid Lake. Struga is ideal for peaceful walks and enjoying a beautiful view along the coast of Lake Ohrid and the river Crn Drim, its quays have benches and deep shadows and are connected with three bridges.

Must-see in Struga:

  • The St. Gjorgji Church
  • The Natural Schience Museum Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski
  • The Memorial House of the Miladinovci Brothers
  • The Monastery and the cave church in Kalishta
  • The Springs in Vevchani

Struga was an old fishing settlement in the ancient times. Its original name is “Enhalon” which means eel. Slavs renamed the city to Struga which means “hunting” and it is derived from the Slav word “straga”. According to others, the name comes from the open geographical position of the city – a place where the wind constantly blows.

Under the name of Struga, the city is first mentioned in the Byzantine monuments of the XI century. In antiquity, it benefited immensely, because it was on the Via Egnatia Road, which connected the Eastern and Western Roman Empire. Archaeological findings and the discovered written monuments reveal that life here dates to prehistory. The first Neolithic settlement was registered about 3000 BC. Surrounded by mountainous landscapes – on the west is Jablanica, on the northeast, Karaorman, and on the southeast, Galicica – as well as the openness of the Struga Field, allow for lower annual temperatures.

The quay on the eastern side of the river’s outflow from the lake is called “Sergei Yesenin” and is located next to the entrance to the city beach. On this quay, besides Yesenin, there are busts of poets Adam Mickjevich and Aco Shopov. The water from the Ohrid Lake flows through the river Crn Drim which, passing through the middle of the city, through the Struga Field and the ravine, continues through Albania and flows into the Adriatic Sea. The city also has a Museum of Natural History and modern home culture, which maintains the international event “Struga Poetry Evenings”. Struga is the birthplace of the brothers Dimitri and Konstantin Miladinov and academic painter Vangel Kodzoman. In their honor in the city, there is a Memorial house of “Miladinov Brothers” and the art gallery “Vangel Kodzoman”.